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Welcome to HR Tech Solutions we understand that being an employer and navigating the employment relationship comes with many challenges and opportunities.

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We Focus On The Solution

Welcome to HR Tech Solutions we understand that being an employer and navigating the employment relationship comes with many challenges and opportunities. Our team will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and then develop and implement an action plan to make it happen.

We can help handle compliance, payroll, training, benefits, and finding the best talent for your company. And as an umbrella organization for you and other HR Tech Solutions clients, we can get you and your team access to much more affordable rates for those benefits.

As your company grows and matures, our solutions change to fit your needs. Want to find the right candidate, You’re in the right place.

HR Tech Solutions was founded In 2018 and since then we have been providing on boarding solutions, together we’ll build best-in-industry human resource practices, policies, and trainings, and we’ll work with you to implement them the right way.

Smooth on-boarding and reporting. Relevant, up-to-date HR practices. And tech that doesn’t feel like you’re in the last century.

Our Offerings

We deliver HR outsourcing services through an integrated technology

Employees for any Tech Job

We can confidently manage your employee base in a world without borders, for relevant Tech Positions. You need the best person for the job, wherever they’re located, we got you. We provide support, payroll tax management, and compliance management for remote, multi-state, multi-location, and international employees.

Remote and hybrid work

No matter where you are or how your team works, we help you onboard, manage, and retain the best talent. Whether you’re 50 employees in one office or 30 employees in 30 locations, you’ll always have access to a dedicated HR Tech Solutions team of experts.

International Labour force

Hiring employees in an International environment brings headaches and a level of complexity that’s hard to manage on your own. We eliminate those admin burdens by ensuring your policies are compliant with the local and International laws associated with every employee, no matter where they are.

Global parters

Through our strategic partnerships, we ensure that your international employees receive the necessary HR support and benefits as your most valuable employees, we provide opportunities to capable candidates regardless of their background and we provide equal opportunities if we find the right candidate you will get it.

Our Values

At HR Tech Solutions our Mission is to give back to society by integrating groups in need, we have raised funds for affordable housing, college scholarships, cancer research, and many other causes in Europe and Internationaly. Each year we create and invest in more than 33 philanthropic projects.

We have a clear vision to improve the HR process, our employees help nonprofit organizations we provide a platform for other nonprofits who use our solutions to raise funds and awareness for their missions as well.

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